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Lydia for Stell Magazine

I had the pleasure to work with Lydia on one of her first shoots ever - a crazy talented and very, very sweet girl! Congratulations to her agency Addicted To Models for casting her. The story we created is a (nearly) monochromatic editorial in red/pink and was published in Stell Magazine.


Soft, soft, soft

Our last shoot for uppers & downers onlinestore was a bit like holiday: Fresh air, sweet cherries and long grass - and lovely people, of course. Can a job be any better? The word of the day was SOFT. Why? Have a look at the pictures, please.


Karma is a bitch

When I did a model test with Ema B. of Exit Model Management in early April this year, I was very happy with the results. Ema is beyond beautiful and an amazing model. I submitted the editorial to a few handpicked magazines and got the chance to publish our work in a great online magazine. One hour later I received an answer from a hardcover print publication - and I thought, "Woooow, print, print, print!" So I had no choice than to pull the other submission. Have never done that before and will never do something like that in the future... The online magazine was understandably not amused, and the oh-so-great-print-publication never came out. Well, I guess, that's Karma.